A Guy’s Guide To Orgasm: 9 Tell-Tale Signs That She’s Not Faking It

An expectant and demanding partner, stress, anxiety, tiredness, less foreplay, body image issues or even a lacklustre effort from a largely disinterested partner – all can be a reason for women to fake orgasm. But how do you know how to tell the difference between when she’s putting you on and when you just rocked her world?

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Here are 9 sure-fire ways in which you know she’s definitely NOT faking it:

1. Flushed Face (And Chest)

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One tell-tale sign is when she has a flushed face and chest area. Orgasm will cause her face and chest to redden. She may be an expert actor, but there is no faking that.

2. Quick Breathing

An increased pace of breathing – not a heavy one like hyperventilation, but more of a sharp increase in quickness and rate is indicative of orgasm.

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3. Increase In Body Temperature And Heart Rate

While heart rate may be increased due to physical exertion, the sharp increase in the body temperature is hard to mimic, especially when it comes to hands and legs. If her hands and legs are warm, she’s not faking it.

4. Tense Muscles (Hypertonicity)


As she’s climaxing, the muscles on as well as in her body will contract and tense up significantly, before she relaxes and breathes and lets out a contented sign.

5. Spasms

You may see muscles in her arms, legs, face and neck spasming or contracting and releasing rapidly. This is indicative of orgasm. And it is not the easiest thing in the world to fake.

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6. Arched Toes


An orgasm will most likely have the woman’s toes bending and and arched away from her body. If they’re arched inwards, you’re either really, really good in bed, or she needs to see a doctor.

7. It Took Under 10 Minutes

No, we’re not talking about 10 minutes of penetration, we’re talking about her reaching orgasm within minutes of the two of you beginning to fool around. Unless she was really aroused from before, it will take time. Basically, an orgasm that feels unearned most likely is.

8. She’s Not Too Loud

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If she’s being very loud but not very inventive or organic, it’s not real. Her telling you she’s having an orgasm doesn’t fit if the above criteria aren’t met too. She’s just trying to sell you on the idea.

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9. Not Too Much Flailing

Excessive flailing and thrashing is part of the act, and if there was none of that, just some spasms, heavy breathing, flushness, tense muscles and then a contented giggle then you know she’s really there.