9 Most Romantic One Line Love Quotes For Her

Don’t you all wish to be like Mr. Big in your girl’s life? Who gently swoops her off her feet with his sweet words and chivalrous styles? Be that loving man in her life, and show her how much she means to you. In the end, all she wants is just another reassurance from you that come what may, you will always be there for her. She doesn’t want boxes of chocolates, expensive wine bottles, and glittering stones. All she wants is to be with you, to be cuddled by you, and hear you whisper in her ears, how much she means to you.

Rekindle the flames of love with these nine absolutely romantic one line love quotes for her from known Hollywood movies, which will just make her go awww with the biggest smile on her face.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - Kiss

Hold her tight and look into her eyes, and tell her this. And then plant the sweetest and the most sensuous kiss on her lips. She will be swept off her feet, and will stand there frozen, finding it difficult to breathe, hoping that, this moment never ends. Nothing makes a woman feel more secured and loved than when her man just takes over and with his small gesture makes her believe that he will be hers, forever.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - Sleepless In Seattle

You knew it from the start — from the first touch to the first glance, that she was the one. Your heart skipped a beat. You couldn’t help but keep noticing her every move. You were absolutely and completely besotted with her. And when you feel this way, you must let it out and share with her. If she’s already yours, she will fall in love with you all over again like it was yesterday. If you are trying to woo her, open your heart and express just the way you feel. This is one of those one line love quotes for her that you can say to her when you are completely smitten by her.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - City Of Angels

Telling her that smallest of her gestures fill your heart with so much joy that you can give up everything for those sweet gestures than live your life without them at all.

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One Line Love Quotes For Her - Jerry Maguire

Showing that one line love quotes for her needn’t be overly verbose, these three simple words can have the most powerful impact on her. And there is nothing more that she would want to hear. This will fill her heart with immense joy and love. She will smile like a baby and fall in your arms. Not only will you make her feel so loved and special, but will also make her feel like she is on the top of this world.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - Jerry Maguire

Women, no matter how gorgeous or pretty they look, how smart or intelligent they are, they all have some insecurities deep down inside their hearts. But when you tell her this that she is more than just perfect to you… you will reassure her that you two are meant to be together. This is one of the ways in which you make her fall in love with you every day. Today, tomorrow, and forever.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - Frozen

Remember Olaf from the movie Frozen? Ain’t he just cute? And women find him cute too! This cute little thing said just the right words and melted everybody’s heart. And if you want to melt in your love’s arms, this is one of those one liner love quotes for her that will win her heart again.

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The Lake House - One Line Love Quotes For Her

Love is about being patient. When you know it in your heart that there is nobody else who completes you the way she does, who loves you the way she does, without whom you cannot see your life… that you would rather wait for a thousand years if you know that in the end you two will be together, that’s the time to use one of the most beautiful one line love quotes for her ever conceived.. This beautiful quote brings tears in our eyes, and makes us want to fall in love, again and again. Write this to her or best, tell her by the fireplace or on a beautiful night… she will never forget this moment, and will always love, more with each passing day.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - Love And Other Drugs

In this long journey of life, you have met so many women. But nobody touched your heart and made you feel the way she did. In that moment, when you two met and connected, you knew it in your heart that she was the one… and your life was about to change for the better. But when you share something so deep and touching with someone who made you feel that way… you are in for lots of love, hugs and kisses you had never expected.


One Line Love Quotes For Her - Dirty Dancing

There are moments when you fear that you may lose her. She may magically disappear if you turned around for a moment. You are bewitched by the beauty of her heart that you just cannot help, but admire her with all the love in your eyes. Tell her this and she will be speechless; for she will know in her heart that she feels the same, just like you feel for her.