8 Hilarious Indian Wedding Memes That Are Actually True. So Be Prepared

Indian weddings are funny as f**k. From aunties thinking they’re the hottest and uncles flirting as if they’re all daddy-cool to the bride and groom actually meeting each other for the very first time to mile-long queues for the proot salad with banila aishcreem, there are a lot of funny, quirky and interesting things that happen at every Indian wedding. So here are the 8 of the most hilarious (and real) Indian wedding memes, just so that you know what’s in store when you decide on getting married.

1. Rotis Are Always Round.

2. Relationship Status? Changed.

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3. Then there’s one such who’ll forcefully volunteer..

Then there's one such who'll forcefully volunteer


4. When you know your place too well..

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5. The calm before the storm.


6. Because kids never lie..

7. And that aunty whose moronic child you rejected comes to wish you!

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8. While the Kanyadaan conundrum continues…

So.. subhamasthu?