5 Tips To Get Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows

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Thick naturally shaped brows are back for sometimes now , from the runways to the silver screen . Time for those perfectly shaped and pencil thin brows are gone . Now the more natural the look the better compliments you’d gather. Starting from the time of  Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Conelly and no again in today’s fashion world natural brows are making their mark once again.

Even famous makeup artists believe that the more natural a woman’s brows , the more beautiful and young she looks .

Here are providing your with some tips on how to get beautiful eyebrows naturally which can make a drastic difference to your looks if you are one who still wears the pencil sharpened plastic doll brows.

How To Get Natural Eyebrows

1. Pluck/Threading

Pulling out Eyebrows

Even if you thread, don’t thread too picture perfectly or thinly. If you are not one who likes using tweezers for plucking your brow hairs then let me tell you, it’s the most painless and easy and natural way of pulling out your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth and with constant practice you can definitely achieve a mastery of the skin and won’t have to run to the parlours everytime you wanna shape your eyebrows up . Still if you’d like to disagree with me then you can go in for thread but don’t thread too much pencil sharpened and try to retain the normal brow thickness according to your brow bone’s shape and height.

2. Careful Trimming

Careful Trimming

The next point would be trimming with small scissors which am sure you’ve seen it getting done in the parlor after threading, or ones who pluck at their home’s comfort they also use small hair cutting scissors to trim off the brows . But remember don’t over trim your brow hairs and don’t over pluck . Keep them as full and natural as possible . If you do see any stray hairs coming out from here and there then just use a pair of tweezers and pluck them ( here you can’t say no to plucking , and it’s very difficult to get them out with threading ‘cause maximum of the times you may end up with a sharp scratch with the thread on your skin, you won’t end up with any accidental scratches by sudden pulling by a thread if you use tweezers.

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3. Over Plucking Or Over Accidental Threading

Massaging Eyebrows

If Your brows are over plucked or accidentally over threaded sometimes you may never have (in rare cases though due to threading mostly) hairs grown back in those parts or may end up with a slow growth rate, so you should immediately go in for some hair growth serums available in the market and start using them or start massaging the eye brows gently with almond or olive oil or even castor oil regularly.

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4. Shape Of The Brow

Shape your Eyes

Besides the brows thickness , even their shape matters a lot. If you have already stayed on day after day with over plucked and plastic doll threaded eyebrows then it’s time that for atleast once let them grow back to their natural shape and then follow the shape of your eyes and brow bones to get a knowledge of how thick or where to make the brow high or where to make it steep and where to end it’s beginning and where to end it . You may also seek professional and quality help for this. Tweaking the brow hinders the naturlness of the eyebrow shape.

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5. Thin Eye Brows

Apply Eyebrow Pencils

If however your eyebrows are thin and you just can’t increase it’s thickness naturally cause you’re born with thin brows then go for eye brow pencils and fill in the gaps between the brow hairs with the pencil in a dotted motion and blend well if needed.

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So that is how to get natural looking eyebrows!

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