4 Royal Wedding Stage Decoration Plans For The Posh Couple!

A wedding is a time to celebrate, and to be happy. And no wedding could be grander or more opulent than a royal wedding. It captures perfectly the spirit of the happy, rich celebration that is an Indian wedding. Ideally, you should set the theme right from your wedding invitation itself, so that the guests have a good idea about the treat they are about to enjoy. The theme of your wedding should also be reflected in your food, your clothes, and most of all – your decor. Your royal wedding stage decoration is what will really set the mood for a grand celebration. Imagine the difference between eating a hearty meal at your home and eating the same meal in a fancy restaurant. The feel of the place, the friendly servers bringing your food to you is what makes that experience special. The ambience makes all the difference imaginable! So, you need to get the decorations done to perfection in order to have the wedding really reflect your personalities and also the theme you have in mind. But you also need to toe the fine line between opulence and extravagance. Going overboard with your decorations can also be a bad thing. There are many wedding planners who can help you figure out how to get the decor done to perfection. We are also here to offer you some amazing wedding decor ideas for your royal wedding that will make you the talk of the town.

1. The Opulent Stage

Wedding decorations

Image Courtesy : Weddingsoul

What could be more perfect for a royal wedding than the idea of opulence? This is exactly what the stage above reflects. It is not overdone, and yet it is embellished enough to give you the feel of luxury and glamour, the best hiring wedding decoration. Chandeliers are the perfect companion to any royal wedding stage decoration, bringing to you the grandeur of the past. In addition, the exquisite fresh, fragrant flower vases that adorn the stage intermittently lends a much-needed burst of colour to the stage. The pastel and white shades that have been used keeps the whole look from going overboard. This stage decoration is classy, opulent and calming – exactly what you would want to see at a royal wedding!

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2. The Floral Stage

Floral decorations

Image Courtesy : Shubharambh Productions

Weddings and flowers have had an age-long romance that seems nowhere close to ending any time soon. Nothing symbolizes the beauty and the continuity of life the way flowers do. A great option for a royal wedding stage decoration is to have a stage that is bedecked with gorgeous flowers of all hues. You can even choose your favourite flowers for the decoration, to make it unique. You don’t need much else to make your floral stage decoration look spectacular. Just let the flowers speak for themselves.

3. The Peacock Theme Stage

Peacock decoration

Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

Hardly any other bird can have the distinction of being as elegant, poised and regal as a peacock. Let the royal blue shades of the peacock be the inspiration for your special day! This is not only very Indian, the possibilities for royal wedding decoration are indeed endless. The blue and white shades, all bedecked with flowers is indeed a visual treat that nobody can forget soon.

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4. The Garden Theme Stage

Garden theme decoration

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Store

If you can’t have your wedding in a garden, then why not bring the garden to the wedding! This wonderful garden decoration wedding theme is earthy, classy and beautiful. If you do not want to stick with the usual decor for your royal wedding, this would be the way to go! The plush seats with their cream and white tones would not be out of place in any royal palace. The gorgeous hanging lights, and the little twinkly fairy lights at the back add that tinge of glamour. The flowers of different shades, and the hanging leaves and bits of foliage complete the picture to perfection. Head to bougainvilladesigns.in for more.