25 Top Examples Of Exquisite Bridal Jewellery On Rent

It’s that time of the year again! Wondering what I’m talking about? Smile and prepare to shine, for bridal season’s almost here! For those of you who are lucky enough to be getting married, we know what a mammoth task it is to organize everything – ranging from the location, guest lists, food, outfits, hair, make-up, jewellery for instance, which is why we’re going to help you figure this out.

Bridal Jewellery is such an essential part of a bride’s outfit and whether you’re having a big, fat Indian wedding or a more intimate and private one, jewellery is that one thing which is always on a bride’s mind, and why not? It adds to one’s look and you can choose the outfit for your wedding based on jewellery – a single statement piece or the good, old kundan sets. It also has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. A lot of mothers save their jewellery or start collecting bridal jewellery sets to pass on to their daughters at the time of their wedding. We understand that buying jewellery can sometimes be really expensive given the added cost of weddings in themselves. But, worry not, because we have the perfect solution for you, which is becoming increasingly popular. You now have bridal jewellery on rent.

Here’s a list of jewellery that you can prefer while you get your bridal jewellery on rent.


The necklace is one of the most important pieces of jewellery and is the one thing every bride wears universally. With the concept of ‘East meets West’ gaining popularity over the years, necklace’s today come in a variety of styles, designs and shapes.

1. Kundan

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Kundan

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This is currently the most popular style when it comes to necklaces.

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2. Diamond

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Diamond

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These look so elegant when paired with a good outfit. You can also add a few stones and up the glamour quotient.

3. Gold

Bridal Jewellery On Rent- Gold

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Extremely popular with the traditional south Indian bride, gold necklaces have long been a staple at Indian weddings.

4. Choker

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Choker

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Chokers can instantly glam up any outfit. You can also layer on jewellery with a choker.

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5. Haar

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Haar

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These long chains look so beautiful and can be worn as a statement piece with pretty much most outfits.

Maang Teeka

Maang Teeka’s have made a major comeback and how! This piece of jewellery is a must have to spice up your outfit or to add some character to your look. You can wear it to fill the centre parting or side parting or sometimes, even both. Ladies with big foreheads, maang teeka’s were made for you! Make sure the maang teeka is of the same colour scheme or metal as the rest of your jewellery when you’re renting out. The best part about it is that it’s so versatile, it can be worn with your wedding lehenga or even a cocktail dress at a reception.

6. Centre Maang Teeka

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Centre Maang Teeka

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7. Side Maang Teeka

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Side Maang Teeka

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8. Centre and Side Maang Teeka

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Centre and Side Maang Teeka

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Soha Ali Khan showed us how to effortlessly pull this off at her wedding.

9. Headpiece

Bridal Jewellery On Rent- Headpiece

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Imagine how beautiful this would look with a white gown and veil.

10. Studded Headband

Bridal Jewellery On Rent- Studded Headband

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It really adds to the flowy, white gown that a bride wears.


How can we talk about necklaces and not mention earrings. They complement each other so well and also allow you to get creative. You can handpick between heavy, dangling jhumkas or be minimalist with studded diamonds, it’s up to you. You can get them in different shapes, colours and sizes. A new trend that we’ve seen is the rise of the chandelier earrings. Just remember to check that your wedding earrings go with the colour of your clothes.

11. Jhumkas

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Jhumkas

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12. Chandelier Earrings

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Chandelier Earrings

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13. Studs

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Studs

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We understand that heavy earrings isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For the believers of the ‘less is more’ concept, this is something you can opt for.

Nath / Nose Ring

The nose ring is worn by several brides across India and it’s shape, size and design can vary according to the region they come from. Some women wear simple studded nose rings or embellished rings. A lot of old Bollywood movies had the actresses wearing large rings, which were attached by a chain to a headpiece. Today, of course, you can find a lot of varieties including magnetic nath’s for those of you who don’t want to have your nose pierced.

14. Studded Nose Ring

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Studded Nose Ring

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15. Diamond Ring

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Diamond Ring

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This type is very common amongst South Indian brides

16. Large ring connected with a chain

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Large ring connected with a chain

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17. Maharashtrain Style Nose Ring

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Maharashtrain Style Nose Ring

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The one thing that Indian women are known for world over are their bangles. A bride’s look is never complete without bangles and are traditionally either made of gold or glass. The colour varies depending on the region they are from. Some brides wear red and white bangles, some wear green ones – you can literally wear them in any colour you can find. Bangles are given a lot of importance in certain communities where there is even a separate ceremony for the bride to be given a bangle from the family she is going to marry into. There are variations of these bangles and they also come in the form of bracelets and kadas, which are generally thicker than the classic glass bangle.

18. Glass Bangles

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Glass Bangles

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19. Embellished Bangles

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Embellished Bangles

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20. Gold Bangles

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-gold bangels

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21. Kadhas

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-kadas

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22. Bracelet

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Bracelet

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Arm Band

Also called an armlet, this piece of jewellery comes in different shapes and is worn around the arm. In some cultures, even the men are seen wearing arm bands at their wedding.

23. Kundan Arm Band

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-Kundan arm band

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24. Diamond Arm Band

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-diamond arm band

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Apart from the wedding ring, the bride can wear rings on other fingers. These can be simple gold or platinum bands or could be more elaborate rings with gem stones ranging from ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald etc. The rings can also also be connected to the bangles with an embellished chain.

25. Studded ring with an embellished chain

Bridal Jewellery On Rent-ring

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There you go, brides to be! Keep this list in mind when you’re renting out wedding jewellery. Got any questions? Drop us a comment below.