100 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup Looks You’ll Love

Get mesmerized and inspired by these pictures and look your best on your big day.

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The beautiful Indian bridal looks are famous worldwide for their grandeur and elegance. A combination of heavy jewelry, beautifully embroidered saree or lehengas, flowers, and glamorous makeup give these brides a divine look. If your big day is knocking on the door and your need some inspiration to ace the wedding look, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we look at different Indian cultures and the diverse looks and dresses that brides wear on their wedding day. Swipe up to check them out!

Top 100 Bridal Makeup Looks For Indian Brides

The South Indian Bridal Look

South Indian brides are known to wear gorgeous Kanjeevaram saris on their wedding day. They wear traditional gold jewellery and complement the look with flowers in their hair. Just look at the color combo on the first bride, sisters! Who would have thought that these colors would look so uber cool when put together?

Though the second bride has opted for the traditional white saree with gold work, she has spunked it up with a stylish blouse that is taking her style quotient up several notches. Sigh! No one can flaunt gold jewelery the way South Indian brides do – it complements their bridal makeup perfectly and makes them glow like goddesses!

The Bengali Bridal Look

Beautiful Indian Bengali bridal looks
Image: Instagram – Instagram – anirbanbhaumik, Instagram

Oh, the bold and beautiful Bong bride! Who can escape from those mysterious big eyes and coy smile – you can’t help but adore her! These Bengali brides are looking breathtakingly beautiful in their traditional benaroshi and mukut. We like!

These brides can give even apsaras tough competition – they are so gorgeous. The first bride has opted for a mukut made of gold, which is a refreshing change from the general mukut Bengali brides wear.

The second bride gives off the Goddess Durga aura. I love the way she has made her bindi and sindoor the focus of her look. And those eyes! Those beautiful, kohl-rimmed eyes. She doesn’t need any more makeup!

For the modern Bengali brides out there, who are too busy running the world and have no time to play dress-up, these looks will steal your heart. They are simple, yet traditional, and do not require you to put on oodles of jewelery. The first bride looks mesmerizing in the traditional red-border-white saree that’s so popular among the bong crowd. The second bride too has opted to go for a ghee-coloredsareewith a red border. Her dupatta is simple, yet the green border on it that has been placed strategically to match the green of her blouse has taken the freshness of this look to a new level.

Punjabi Bridal Look

Beautiful traditional Indian Punjabi bridal look
Image: Instagram – punjabibridesandgrooms , Instagram – loveneesh_thakur

Oh, the glamor of these beautiful brides! The first bride totally rocks this hot pink, gold-embroidered lehenga. Her eye makeup has been done exceptionally well, and her maang tikacomplements her attire perfectly. This second Punjabi bride has opted for the evergreen red and golden bridal look – with a hint of green in it. She has kept her makeup minimal to tone down her look. Her neckpiece is simply stunning.

Beautiful Indian Punjabi bridal look
Image: Instagram – beautifulindianbrides , Instagram

The first Punjabi bride’s look is based on simplicity. Although only two colors are predominantly used in this ensemble, the overall effect is very regal.

The second dulhan gives us major hair goals. The messy bun tied low at the back of her head, with tiny wisps of curls escaping from it, makes the entire look dreamy and princessy. I simply adore the heavy embroidery on her blouse, and love the fact that she has kept the lehenga comparatively simple.

Gujarati Bridal Look

Beautiful Indian Gujarati bridal looks 1 and 2
Image: Instagram – dkreatephotography , Instagram

The first Gujarati bride looks amazing in her tasseled lehenga. Not many can rock three colors in the same outfit with so much élan! Love the way she is sporting the Punjabi kalire with her bangles.

The second bride looks so adorable. Her blush says it all! Love the color combo of her lehenga as well. The jewelry she adorns perfectly complements her attire.

White seems to be a favorite color of Gujju brides. And no wonder, very few people can rock this color at their wedding as these brides have. The highlight of the first bride’s look is her pearl studded dupatta, which is almost a jewellery in itself. Her maang tika and naath are to die for.

The second bride, who is giving off a very Malaika Arora feel, if I may say so, has added freshness to her attire by sporting a peach dupatta with her red and gold ensemble. Love her jaali mehendi work.

No wonder red is such a loved color. There are just so many shades! The beautiful bride on the left is wearing a beautiful attire in a unique shade of red, almost a super bright tomato red shade. Her kundan uncut diamond jewelery goes with this attire perfectly.

The bride on the right, on the other hand, has gone for the age-old orange and red combo. And that has does wonders for her complexion – she is positively glowing. Her jewelry set is kinda unique and complements her shadi ka joda to the T.

Muslim Bridal Look (Bridal Look With Hijab)

Beautiful Indian Muslim bridal look with hijab
Image: Instagram – beautifulindianbrides , Instagram

The first Muslim bride, with her golden lehenga and emerald and ruby studded jewellery, can leave the gathering of guests awestruck with her elegance and regality. The peach color of the attire is enhancing the embellishments and the jewellery even further. Totally spellbinding!

The bride on the right is just too pretty for words. Her hijab has been decorated with her heavy maang tika, and her naath is the show stealer here. The only pop of color is on her lips, which highlights the peach of her outfit. We like!

Omg! There is only one word to describe these brides – apsaras. Those of you who don’t know, apsaras are angels. Is there any mortal who can look so beautiful in this color? Both the brides have opted for pink wedding attires. Their hijabs are beautifully embroidered, perfectly framing their faces. Their bridal makeup is on fleek too – they are glowing!

Here are two more hijabi brides. Such a contrast between them – yet both are capable of leaving us breathless at their beauty. The first one has opted for an entirely white ensemble. She has a simple mehendi design on her hands, which is the only color in her entire look. Her lips are a pale plum, and her eye makeup is on fleek. The second bride has decided to go all out with her wedding dress. Her dress is red, and her hijab is a pretty golden-ghee color that looks great with her attire. Love the maang tika peeking from her hijab.

Kerala Muslim Bride

It took me around 30 seconds to regain my composure! I mean, look at these beautiful Kerala Muslim brides. The navy blue-gold combo on the first bride looks like she has been wrapped in a beautiful starry night. The jewelry complements her attire perfectly. I especially love the maang tika placement under the hijab.

The second one looks simply radiant. Her bridal makeup is perfect to the T and her mehendi andhazel eyes are surely going to steal the groom’s heart. Sighhhh.

Christian Bridal Makeup

Beautiful Indian Christian bridal makeup look
Image: – , Instagram

The grace of this beautiful bride is enough to take one’s breath away. Her necklace and the lace gloves perfectly complement her lovely wedding gown. Her hair has been set beautifully in a cascade of curls flowing down one shoulder. Simply stunning!

The second bride’s gown makes me want to marry right now! And, do you know what the best part of this look is? That smile under the veil!

Beauty in simplicity – the first bride is a glowing example of that. Just look at that glow! Her minimalistic jewelery highlights her bridal makeup. Her sleeves and the neckline add a unique touch to the beautiful gown.

If you want to flaunt that sexy back of yours in your wedding, take a cue from the second bride. This is classiness personified. Love the pose!

Goan Bridal Look

These Goan brides are taking au naturel to a whole new level. The first bride is sporting the no makeup look perfectly. Her curls are looking so pretty. Those eyebrows! *Hearteyes*

The second Goan bride has opted to keep the veil over her face. Her hair accessory is very pretty. One cute thing is, she is sporting a few bangles with this gown, which is giving that boho chic bridal feel to her entire look.

Now, these are some badass brides. The first one will clearly stand apart in a sea of women wearing white/peach/pink pre-wedding dresses. She has opted for the fiery red, which is unique, as well as fiercely feminine. Love her hair accessory.

The second one, well, I haven’t seen such a unique wedding dress anywhere. She actually has on a backless white jumpsuit, which is like – WOW! Love the traditional touch of mehendi and bangles on this one. Flowers set in a unique way, check. Hot, red lips, check. Aaaand I am already crushing on her!

The Hindu Bridal Look

Beautiful Indian Hindu bridal makeup look
Image: Instagram , Instagram – beautifulindianbrides

The first bride is a pastel princess. Her fishtail hairdo looks stunning and goes very well with the rest of the attire – very princessy. Love the tiny flowers that have been inserted into the braid.

Now, this is one gorgeous look! This bride on the right is looking absolutely stunning in her pink and silver lehenga and kundan jewellery. Her veil is extremely pretty and her jewellery is very graceful. And the most precious part of it? Her smile!

Beautiful Indian Hindu bridal looks 3 and 4
Image: Instagram – beautifulindianbrides , Instagram – southasianbridemagazine

This is simply wow! The bride has opted for the classic red and gold combo. She is sporting a heavily worked upon lehenga. Her makeup is flawless. And what a classic capture!

The second one is one of the best bridal looks there is. It takes the term astounding to a new level. The white and gold attire, along with the flawless makeup, is making this bride look absolutely magnificent. The maang tika is the show stopper of this look.

Hindu brides in maroon dresses and beautiful Indian bridal looks
Image: Instagram – khaweriqbal , Instagram – kaliedoscop3

This is one happy bride! And no wonder! She is looking absolutely breathtaking in her maroon bridal dress. The work on her lehenga is unique; quite a fresh break from the golden work we generally see. Her jewellery is very pretty and goes perfectly with her ensemble.

The second look is very fresh and innovative. The bride’s lehenga is pink, green, and gold in color; the choli is green; and her chunni is in a pretty orange. And that oversized nose ring? We love!

Telugu Bridal Look

Such prettiness all around! These beautiful brides can give any model a run for her money. Just look at the blouse the first bride is wearing. It is embroidered heavily, and looks great with her kanjeevaram.

Ladies, I have never really liked diamond jewelery – I felt they looked too glittery. However, this bride changed my perception – and how! She looks absolutely stunning. And that lip color is so on point.

I love smiling brides! The first dulhan is flaunting some pretty jewelery. I love the lip color on her. Her complexion is so beautiful – glowing and flawless. The bride on the left has broken all my wedding attire-related presumptions. She is flaunting a green, yes mam, a GREEN saree with an orange blouse. And looking like a diva all the way.

Tamil Bridal Look

There is a serious side effect of reading or writing these types of articles – you start longing to get married! The first bride is flaunting the red and green combo like a pro. Her eyes have been done up beautifully.

The second bride is wearing one of the prettiest colors I have seen in a saree – piyaazi pink. Her jewelery perfectly complements the saree.

Look how pretty these pelli kuturu(s) are looking. These brides have opted for different spectrums of the color wheel – and look beautiful wearing them. The first one is flaunting a pink and orange combo, whereas the second one is rocking a red and yellow one. One word – coloricious! Sometimes, brides go for amazingly beautiful Raakodi or Juda Pins in their braids and buns, which gives their outfit a regal, princessy look.

Assamese Bride

Assamese brides 1 and 2 beautiful Indian bridal look
Image: Instagram – darshana_gohain , Instagram

The Assamese bride here is simply glowing! She has on a very pretty maang tika, and her beautiful gold jewellery is setting off the golden embroidery on her mekhela chador. The brides from the region are especially known for sporting amazingly stylish blouse designs and the use of vibrant pastel shades to complete their traditional-chic look.

The second bride looks so amazing in her yellow mekhela chador. She has on simple gold jewelery that goes perfectly with her ensemble.

Both the brides are wearing white, but still look so unique on their own. The sentence should be “The first one has on a white and gold mekhela chador. The second one is flaunting a maroon and white one, and looks absolutely gorgeous. That lip color though. Much wow.

Kerala Bridal Makeup

Beautiful Indian Kerala bridal makeup look
Image: Instagram – makeupbysimran , Instagram

If I have to use one word to describe these brides, it would be – gorgeous! The first bride’s silk sari and gold jewellery are traditional, yet chic.

The second one has opted for a different color combo from the usual white and gold worn by Kerala brides. Her saree is a lovely mustard yellow, which she has paired with a purple studded blouse. Magnificent.

Maharashtrian Bridal Look

I was waiting for this color to be flaunted! Rani pink is such a smashing color; it looks so festive and rich. The bride here is looking hot-hot-hot in it. Love her hairdo.

The thought of wearing heavy jewelery on your wedding day making you nauseous? Are you the “I don’t like glitz and stones, I would rather break bones” kinda girl? (I know I exaggerated, that was just to rhyme that sentence, duh.) Worry not, sistaaas. Take a leaf out of this beautiful bride’s look book. She has replaced jewelery with flowers. And still rocking like a boss!

This bride takes my breath away. Her happiness is so infectious – I can’t stop smiling! I love the complete yellow ensemble she has adorned – matches her disposition perfectly. The second bride is wearing a color that is not often seen. It’s kinda maroonish pink – but not quite. Looks lovely on her skin tone.

Kashmiri Bridal Look

Beautiful Indian Kashmiri bridal look
Image: Instagram – varuna_kachroo_photography , Instagram – makeupbysaba

We all know that Kashmiri women are extremely beautiful. The natural blush of their cheeks can put any store-bought blusher to shame! Here, we have an extremely pretty Kashmiri bride who is rocking a yellow and orange lehenga. Her gold jewellery perfectly complements her golden tarang.

This second Kashmiri bride has opted for a blue lehenga choli, and an orange chunni. She is sporting a pearl and gold set that sets off her dark colored attire. There is a lot of gold work on her lehenga that really enhances the whole bridal look.

Such cuteness. I love how this color is looking on her. Peach and gold make for such a pretty combination. Did you notice her neckpiece? So pretty! The second bride is absolutely glowing. Though the color of her dress is muted, her jewelery stands out. Love the jhoomar.

Rajasthani Bridal Look

Beautiful Indian Rajasthani bridal look
Image: AJP / Shutterstock.com , Instagram

Rajasthan is the state of colors and glitters, and of amazing ethnic jewellery. Look at this pretty Rajasthani bride. Her bridal jewellery, particularly her neckpiece, is the ultimate showstopper. I love the richness of her look.

The second one is flaunting a yellow bridal lehenga. She too has very traditional, ethnic jewelery on. I especially love the Rajasthani traditional elephant motif on her attire.

Wedding makeup for beautiful Indian Rajasthani bridal look
Image: Instagram – thebridesofindia , Instagram

These brides make the color pink look good – yes, that’s right! Pink is such a common color; but, when I look at these two, I realize how beautiful it can look. The first bride is flaunting a multi-tiered maang tika and ahuge naath. However, it is her Jodhpuri necklace that is stealing the show.

Wow! The second bride can surely make heads turn! Taking a break from the usual bright gold ensemble, this bride is rocking the pink-orange-silver combo. Her makeup is perfect to the T. The made-to-match pouch is simply adorable!

Wow! This lehenga choli dupatta color combo is so unique. White-pink-green, with purple and golden motifs. And authentic Rajasthani jewelery. Mesmerizing. Need we say more? The second bride has on a lovely pink and orange lehenga. I love the golden eyeshadow on her. This is some really classy bridal makeup.

Karnataka Bridal Look

Look at these beautiful Kannada brides. I absolutely *heart* the color combo the bride on the left is wearing. The flowers set on her hairdo makes her look really pretty. Love her lip color. The second bride looks absolutely gorgeous. The chandelier earrings she has on is the statement piece of this look. And the kamarbandh! Simply wow! This Kannada bride is surely rocking that hot pink on her lips.

The Kodava bride on the left looks absolutely amazing. Look at the pretty way she has draped her saree. I love the way she is flaunting this rich pink color without looking OTT in any way. Even though her makeup is subtle, she is absolutely glowing! The bride on the right – look at that sass! This Kannada bride sure knows how to keep it classy. Love the bangles – they go with her attire perfectly, and are so pretty!

Bihari Bridal Look

Beautiful Indian Bihari bridal look
Image: Instagram – drshrutiarya , Instagram

Simple, yet incredibly pretty, this bride from Bihar is really rocking the red and yellow combo. Her neckpiece and naathni are stealing the show. The work on that yellow dupatta is so traditional and gorgeous. The second bride is as cute as a pie. The red and gold saree she is wearing is complementing her glowing complexion.

Manipuri Bridal Look

The first one is the traditional wedding attire of a Manipuri bride. Her headdress and jewellery are very pretty, and her veil has been put in a different way – at the back of her head. The velvet green blouse highlights her gold jewellery. The second bride has opted for a more modern look. I love how she has worn red with rani pink – a combo not often seen together. The work on her dupatta is simply fabulous.

Nepali Bridal Look

Look at these pretty Nepali brides. The one on the right has a bright tomato red attire that she has paired with gold jewelery. The veil looks very feminine and imparts a pinkish glow to her complexion. The second bride has opted for a more orangish red saree. She has adorned her finger with a single statement ring instead of going for multiple pieces of jewelery.

Modern Brides

Beautiful Indian modern brides in heavily embroidered wedding attire
Image: – , Instagram – nivrittichandra

This pretty-as-a-peach bride looks absolutely gorgeous in her heavily embroidered wedding attire. Her choker is especially eye-catching. The best part about this look is that even though the blouse has a lot of stonework, the minimal work on the rest of her dress has toned down the glitter factor. Love her hair. The bride on the right is flaunting minimal jewellery, yet looks captivating. The maroon choli with pale gold embellishments goes perfectly with the rest of her attire, which is orange.

Beautiful South Indian bridal look
Image: Instagram – beautifulindianbrides , Instagram – beautifulindianbrides

There is nothing prettier than a blushing bride! This south Indian bride looks absolutely wonderful in her pink and orange pattu sari. Her beautiful neckpiece is the highlight of her overall look. On the right is another minimalistic modern bride who likes to keep it simple. She is sporting a white and gold lehenga, and a red and gold blouse. Her look is fuss-free and fresh. So, those ladies who can’t get enough of the color white can totally rock this look!

This beautiful bride has opted for a high-waisted satin skirt-lehenga in rani pink. The skirt has several layers underneath, one being a netted underskirt. She is wearing a heavily worked upon blouse in black and gold, which looks regal and badass at the same time. She has no jewelery on, which balances the richness of her look.

The second bride is taking a break from all the reds, pinks, and peaches we see at every wedding. She is flaunting a green lehenga. There are at least three shades of green in her attire, which she has matched perfectly. This is one very, very pretty bride.

Beautiful Indian traditional and trending bridal look
Image: Instagram , Instagram – dulhaniamag

This look – all the pieces she is wearing are so traditional, yet the overall look is so modern. The rich color of her attire is enhanced further with that amaaaazing neckpiece she is wearing. I love how she is wearing muted makeup and a simple pulled back hairdo to tone down her look.

The second one would look lovely as an engagement dress for a Muslim bride. However, if you wanna wear something a little different from the lehenga cholis or sarees on your wedding day as well, go for this attire. It’s a heavily worked upon shararasuit in peach and red. The color is very bright and eye-catching.

Ooooo. A navy blue lehengacholi with silver motifs. A white dupatta. Cascading curls. Girl, you have stolen my heart. Enough said. Look at the second bride! Is this what a real princess looks like on her wedding day? Love the peach and pale gold combo of her ensemble. And that maang tika and diamond necklace – prettyyyy.

This look on the left is so simple yet beautiful. The bride has opted for a pale pink attire, and worn it with a statement neckpiece. The hair has been set in waves, and the eyes have been done up beautifully. We like!

The bride on the right – her braid is giving me major hair goals. I think even Khaleesi can take inspiration from this one, ain’t it? Love her muted orange and faded blue ensemble. And we love your mehendi, pretty bride!

Bored of the same ol’ jewelery pieces? Go for something similar to what the bride on the left is wearing. Never seen something quite like this – so gorgeous! The second dulhan looks so amazing as well. The color of her ensemble complements her skin tone. Her jewelery pieces are simple, yet traditional. The neckline of her top is beautiful, it almost looks like a piece of jewelery itself.

Traditional Brides

OMG. Just Oh My God! How gorgeous are these brides! The jewelery on the first one is so regal, you may need a VIP pass just to flaunt it. Love her golden dupatta with that unique work. The second bride – well, I am just amazed at how pretty each and every woman is. Love the muted pink of her attire, and that big, beautiful red bindi.

Never in a million years would I have thought of pairing my red wedding dress with a blue dupatta. But, I would have been so short-sighted! Look at the amazing combo on this bride. Love the makeup on her too – her eyes dazzle! The second bride is wearing a pink saree with a maroon blouse. I love how she is flaunting dark lips, instead of going for the classic red.

The first bride gives off a very Rajasthani aura. The color combo of her attire is to die for. Her dupatta is beautiful – the best part is, it serves as a dupatta, but does not hide the awesome jewelery pieces this bride is wearing. The bride on the right has got it absolutely right! If you are not too keen to go for red or even dual colors for your wedding outfit, try this combo. The baby pink and gold combination of this look really offsets the bride’s beautiful complexion. This a very pastel look, even her lips have been kept pink and pretty.

Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. Look at how the first bride has played around with colors. The pale ghee colored outfit has been paired with a red and silver dupatta. And that neckpiece? Some serious wow. The second bride has beautifully paired the color orange with her gold and white attire. Again, the jewelery on this one is a total showstopper.

Infographic: Indian Bridal Hair Accessories

An Indian bride is a vision to behold, with elaborate pieces of jewelry adorning her from head to toe. Since Alia Bhatt’s wedding look took social media by storm, people have been raving about the maatha patti (a bridal headband) that is only one of many bridal hair accessories Indian brides love. Take a look at the different types of Indian bridal hair accessories in the infographic below.

indian bridal hair accessories [infographic]
Image: Illustration: The Bridal Box Design Team

The gorgeous beautiful Indian bridal looks listed above will surely help you pick the one you love the most. So, take your inspiration and allow your stylists to bring your ideas to life. Let them create the magic and make your D-day memorable for the rest of your life. From The South Indian Bridal Look to Nepali Bridal Look, we have covered it all. So, all you have to do is set your heart on the one that mesmerizes you and makes you feel comfortable.

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