22 Fun Games For Women’s Day Celebrations

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Every year, March 8th is observed as International Women’s Day across the globe to honor and celebrate women in all their glory. To give a unique twist to your celebrations, we have compiled a list of fun games for Women’s Day. These games will help keep the enthusiasm high throughout the party and save everyone from cheesy speeches. So, check out this article to honor women’s accomplishments and express your gratitude for their presence in your life with some fun games. Keep scrolling!

22 Game Ideas For Women’s Day Celebrations

Here are some fun games that promote gender equality, celebrate sisterhood, embrace diversity and inclusivity, and advocate for social justice:

1. The Guessing Game

People Required: No restrictions, perfect game for up to 15 ladies.

Things Required: A transparent bowl, papers, and pens 


Offer a pen and paper to every lady. Make them write 2-3 truths about themselves on the paper.   Collect the papers from all the ladies and put them in the bowl.

Invite one lady in the center and let her pick a folded paper from the bowl. She needs to read the truths out loud and guess who has written them. Write down the points. At the end, the lady with the highest points wins.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may also play another variation where everyone adds a lie to the list and the participant has to guess the person as well as the lie.

2. Guess The Thing

People Required: No restrictions, perfect game for 20 ladies in pairs

Things Required: Some common household items, papers, and pens 


Make a pair of two ladies and make them sit with their backs facing each other. One of the partners will have the bag with the household item and the other one will have a pen and paper. The lady with the bag has to look at the household item and describe it to her partner without mentioning the exact name of the item and the other one has to guess what item it is.

Once guessed, she has to write it down on the paper. Each round lasts 90 seconds. In the end, whoever gets most items correct, wins the game. You can arrange some gifts for the winners.

3. Spin The Bottle

Spin the bottle game for women's day
Image: Shutterstock

People Required: No restrictions, perfect game for 15 or more ladies

Things Required: A bottle and nail paints 


This is not the traditional Spin The Bottle game – it has a fun kitty twist. For this game, arrange some bottles of nail paint in a circle on your table, leaving enough space in the middle to spin a bottle. Form a circle around the table. One by one, each member of the kitty has to spin the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, the lady toward whom the bottle is pointing has to paint her nails with the nail paint in front of her within a minute.

Try to paint as many nails as possible in a minute. Spin the bottle until all the ladies get a chance. When all the ladies get their turns, the lady with most nails painted wins. Also, make sure to look for the lady who has painted her nails neatly if there’s a tie.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may also make it more challenging by drawing an eyeliner along with nail paints in one minute.

4. Musical Puzzle Game

People Required: No restrictions, perfect game for 20 or more ladies

Things Required: A phone/music player, a paper, a pen, and 2 buzzers 


This game needs some preparation so make a list of the songs you are going to play during the game. Also, note down some questions regarding the songs such as “Who is the singer of this song?”, “What is the hook step of this song?”, “Who made a guest appearance in this song?” etc. when the guests arrive, divide the ladies in a group of two. If you have more than four ladies in a group, form more groups and play the game in batches. Invite the first batch, i.e., the two groups of four ladies.

Give one buzzer to each tea, and play the song and ask your first question. The team that presses the buzzer first answers the question. If the player fails to answer, the question will automatically pass to the other team and they can answer it. The team that gets all the answers correct wins the game.

5. Have You Ever

People Required: No restrictions, perfect game for 20 or more ladies

Things Required: A list of questions 


You will have to plan and make preparations before the party for this game. Make a list of some exciting questions like “Have you ever been arrested?”, “Have you ever locked yourself in a room?”, “Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?” etc. When your guests arrive, give them a pen and paper and ask these questions.

For every question, they’ll have to reply with yes or no. ‘Yes’ equals 10 points, while ‘No’ equals 0 points. Tally all the participants’ points. The person with the highest points wins. You can also add your own twists to this game to make it more unpredictable and exciting.

6. Purse Scavenger Hunt

People Required: No restrictions, perfect game for 20 or more ladies

Things Required: Papers and pens 


Make a list of some common items that are found in a lady’s purse. List items such as red lipstick, lip gloss, hairpins, scrunchies, grocery receipts, etc. If there are 20 ladies, divide them into four groups. You can decrease or increase the groups depending on the number of players. Once the groups are formed, inform the ladies to grab their bags.

Readout all the items in your list one by one and let the ladies start looking for these items in their bags. All the group members need to collect the listed items from their bags and arrange them on the table. The group that has all the items wins the game. You can also choose the winner based on the number of items. For instance, the group that has five red lipsticks wins over the group that has two lipsticks.

7. Name It In A Minute

Group of girl friends playing name it in a minute game
Image: Shutterstock

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Papers, a stopwatch, and pens 


When your guests arrive, hand over a pen and a paper to all the ladies. Make a list of the things you’ll ask the participants to write about. You can write things like famous cosmetic brands, famous designers, popular travel destinations in Singapore, famous female athletes, etc.

When the participants are ready, announce one topic from the list. Ask them to list out all the things related to that topic within one minute and press the buzzer. For instance, the participants have to write the names of as many female designers as possible. Whoever writes the most names wins a point. Continue the game with another topic on the list and go on. In the end, the participant with the most points wins the game.

8. Draw On A Balloon

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Ballpoint pens, a whistle, and balloons 


Hand a ballpoint pen and a balloon to 5 ladies at a time. Blow the whistle and ask the ladies to draw something on the balloons using the pen. For example, you can suggest drawing four hearts on the balloon. The guests can also draw the item with the paper on their heads and pen or pencil to draw with. It’s challenging when you can’t see what you are drawing.

All the ladies need to draw four hearts without bursting the balloon. The ones who draw all the shapes perfectly on the balloon without bursting it win the game.

9. The Memory Game

People Required: 4-5 ladies. More ladies can play in batches.

Things Required: Pens, papers, and some random household items 


Make a group of 4-5 ladies and hand them pens and paper. Now, arrange some common household items on the tray. For example, you can arrange a lipstick, a glass, a watch, a coin, a stapler, and other such items in a line.

Now let all the participants have a close look at the items in the tray for 40 seconds and try to memorize the sequence of placement. Then, take the tray away. All the participants have to list the things in the order that they were arranged in the tray. The participant who gets all the items right and in the correct order wins the game.

10. Guess The Movie

People Required: 20 or more ladies

Things Required: A stopwatch 


Divide the participants into two groups. Call one member from each team. One member has to whisper the name of a movie in the opposing team member’s ear. That team member has to act out the name of the movie in front of her team. The team members have to guess the movie name. The only thing to keep in mind is that the participant who is acting cannot speak and has to explain the name through actions.

The participant can act out any scene from the movie or give clues about the actor or actress in the movie. If the team guesses the movie name right within the given time, it gets a point. If it doesn’t get the correct answer, the opposing team gets a point.

11. Blow The Balloons

Blow the balloons game for women's day
Image: Shutterstock

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: A whistle and balloons 


Hand a balloon to each lady. Once you blow the whistle, all the ladies get 10 breaths to blow the balloon. The participant that blows the biggest balloon in 10 breaths wins the game.

12. Peel The Oranges

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Oranges and a whistle 


If you are looking for a fun party game, this one will make everyone laugh. (You’ll also get some readily peeled oranges to prepare juice for the next few days!) Place a bunch of oranges in front of each participant.

As soon as you blow the whistle, all the participants need to start peeling the oranges. The participants have to try to completely peel as many oranges as possible in a minute. The participant who peels the highest number of oranges wins the game.

13. Straw In The Hair

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Straws 


Arrange a bunch of straws in front of each participant. As soon as the host blows the whistle, the participants need to tuck as many straws into their hair as possible. No straw should hang or fall off while tucking.

At the end of a minute, the participant who gets the maximum number of straws tucked in their hair wins the game.

14. The Naughty Dare Game

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Papers, pens, and a bowl 


This game is like Truth and Dare but more difficult. Note down some interesting tasks on paper chits. You can add tasks like ‘drink a whole can of coke in 30 seconds’, ‘peel a banana using your toes and feet’, ‘talk in a strange accent’ etc.

Once you’re done with noting down the tasks, put all the chits in the bowl and invite each participant one by one. The participant has to pick a chit and do the dare. No one wins or loses in this game, but it is a fun game to pep up the party.

15. Blind Folded Makeover Game

Woman with eye mask for doing blindfold makeover
Image: Shutterstock

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Makeup products and a blindfold 


This Women’s Day, include this awesome game in your party game list. To play this game, you will need to divide the guests into pairs. Make 4-5 pairs.

One member of each team will be blindfolded and apply makeup on their partner’s face. The partner can guide the blindfolded participant to pick up the right products. The pair that applies the best makeup while blindfolded wins the game.

16. Photo Scavenger Hunt

People Required: 20 ladies

Things Required: List of items and cameras/phones 


Before the party starts, list out some common items found in your home. You can list out things like red heels, a black scrunchie, a chandelier, a flower vase, etc. As the guests arrive, divide them into 2-3 groups. Give each team the list of items you made and also give them a camera or phone.

As the time starts, all the three teams need to search the house for the items on the list and click pictures of them. Within 5 minutes, the teams need to gather in the decided room and show the pictures. The team that gets the pictures of the maximum number of items on the list wins the game.

17. Two Truths And A Lie

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: None 


In this game, no one wins and no one loses. It’s just an entertaining game that you can play to jazz up the party. In this game, one person has to come up in the center and say two truths and one lie about themselves.

All the ladies present there have to guess which one is the lie and which one is the truth. Instead of winning or losing, you’ll find out some interesting and amazing things about your squad playing this game. Use your party theme to enhance this game. For example, if you have a jungle themed party, play this game as “Saber-Truth Tiger or Lion, (lying). Keep the theme going with the questions asked.

18. Would You Rather

People Required: None

Things Required: None 


This is a common game that you can play on Women’s Day with a twist. You can pick some women-centric questions. Before the guests arrive, note down some questions on a paper. Include questions like “Would you rather wear a wired bra or high heels all day, every day?”, “Would you rather shave off your eyebrows or get a rash during a waxing session?” and much more. The players have to pick one of the options and justify it. No one wins or loses in this game, but it adds more fun and excitement to your party.

19. A Minute To Thread It

Minute to thread it game for women's day
Image: Shutterstock

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: None 


In this game, make a batch of 4-5 participants. When the whistle blows, each contestant has to thread as many needles as possible within a minute. The participant who threads the highest number of needles wins the game. This is a fun and thrilling game that’ll add some zest to your party!

20. Never Have I Ever

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: None 


This is a great game to find out who has done some of the most thrilling and bizarre things in your group. To play this game, one participant says something they have never done and everyone in the group who has done it loses one point.

If a person loses 5 points, they are out of the game. The last one standing is the winner. You’ll unveil some of the best and naughtiest facts about your friends through this game.

21. Guess The Food

People Required: 8-10 ladies

Things Required: Some food items like fruits, vegetables, desserts, etc. 


For this game, you need to make two teams. One member of each team is blindfolded and has to guess the food item in front of them. The blindfolded person can touch the food but can’t smell it. By touching, they’ll have to identify the food item. The person who guesses correctly first gets a point for their team. The team with the highest points wins the game. 

22. Role Reversal

People Required: 6-8 ladies

Things Required: Cards with traditionally gender-associated roles such as engineer, doctor, artist, or police officer.


Place the cards in a container for participants to randomly draw from. Ask participants to draw a role card from the container at the beginning of the challenge. Allocate a specific amount of time (e.g., 10-15 minutes) for participants to research and gather information about the achievements of women in their chosen roles. Now, each participant has to enact a unique aspect or the name of the person they have chosen. The rest of the participants have to guess the name of the person and identify their profession.

Infographic: 6 Amazing Games You Can Play For Women’s Day Celebration

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s day every year. This day commemorates and honors all the powerful women in our lives and across the globe. What better way to celebrate this powerful day than with a few fun games?

Check out our handpicked list of 6 best fun games you can include in your Women’s day celebration.

6 amazing games you can play for womens day celebration (infographic)

Illustration: The Bridal Box Design Team

Take advantage of the special occasion of Women’s Day to celebrate the special ladies in your life and let them know how much they mean to you. Bring them together in one room and throw an exciting party filled with tasty snacks and cherished nostalgia. These fun games for Women’s Day will help you spice up this party. They are a wonderful way to bond with the lovely ladies in your life and create long-lasting memories. So, play these engaging and entertaining activities that will surely liven up your Women’s Day celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can be done on Women’s Day?

There are many things that you can do to celebrate Women’s Day depending on what kind of event you plan. You could host a special conference at work, a stage show at school, an online interview with a female achiever, or just initiate conversations revolving around women empowerment with the males around you.

What is the best gift for Women’s Day?

The best gift you could give a woman on Women’s Day is to show your gratitude and appreciation towards them in meaningful ways like writing them a gratitude letter, encouraging them to take a day off, and sincerely apologizing for any inconvenience you might have caused them, etc.

What is the color for Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is represented by three colors – purple, green, and white. Purple stands for justice and dignity. Green stands for hope. White stands for purity.

How to celebrate International Women’s Day at work?

You could celebrate Women’s Day at work by decorating the office with a Women’s Day theme. You could ask everyone to show up wearing the representative colors and organize some fun games for the women employees. You could also invite a woman achiever or icon to give a special talk. Most importantly, get people talking about women’s rights

Key Takeaways

  • March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the globe to honor women’s accomplishments.
  • Besides listening to cheesy and lengthy speeches, you can play several fun games to celebrate this day.
  • The Guessing Game, Name It In A Minute, and The Memory Game are some great games to play on Women’s Day.
Fun Games For Women Day

Image: Stable Diffusion/The Bridal Box Design Team

Celebrate International Women’s Day with fun activities at school or the office! Watch this video to learn how to recognize and honor the amazing women in your life.

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