20 Voluminous Weave Hairstyles

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Weave me a hairstyle!

No, I’m not talking about braids here. I’m talking about hair weaves. Still confused? Weaves are hair extensions mainly used by Black women. They are used to add thickness to thinning hair or simply for volume. Weaves are great as they protect your hair from pollution and damage. Moreover, instead of coloring your locks, you can opt for colored weaves.

Weaved in? Read on for more!

What Are Weave Hairstyles?

Weaves are hair extensions that are used to enhance hairstyles and are predominantly used by Black women. You can get natural or synthetic hair weaves depending on your preference. Women with thin or fine hair tend to use weaves to make their hair appear more voluminous. You can get clip-on or sew-in weaves, both of which look great.

The most important rule of sporting a weave is to make sure you treat it as though it were your real hair. Listed below are a few ways to maintain your weave and keep it looking fresh for as long as possible.

How To Maintain A Weave

  1. Shampoo and condition your weave at least twice a month to keep it clean and glossy.
  2. Make sure your weave is completely dry before you use it or after a wash.
  3. Give your hair a break from all the styling. Every now and then, let your natural hair shine through.
  4. Wrap a satin scarf around your head if you are wearing your weave to bed.
  5. Braid your hair at night to keep the texture and pattern of the weave intact.
  6. Avoid heat styling your weave and using too many products on it as much as possible.
  7. Visit your professional hair stylist every two weeks to touch up your weave.

How Long Does A Weave Last?

A weave can last up to four months with the right maintenance. However, don’t keep the weave in your hair beyond four weeks as it can damage your scalp. Take it out and let your natural hair and scalp breathe for a few days before putting it back in a weave.

Weaves are a great way to flaunt hairstyles you otherwise wouldn’t be able to with your natural hair. Here are a few gorgeous hairstyles that you can try out with a weave!

20 Voluminous Weave Hairstyles

1. Voluminous Half Ponytail Weave Style

If you have thin or fine hair, the struggle to achieve a voluminous ponytail is real, and you feel it! Adding a weave to your hair will certainly solve that problem. You can now sport a stunning half-up look by simply attaching weaves of hair below your half ponytail.

2. Extravagant Updo Weave Style

Extravagant Updo Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Attach the weave to your locks in thin sections and curl all your hair in messy waves. Tie it up in a messy top knot, letting some strands fall out to frame your face and add a nice touch at the top of the updo. Add an accessory to finish off the look with a flawless touch.

3. Fashionista Weave Style

Fashionista Weave Style
Image: Gettyimages

If you are someone who loves to take risks in the name of fashion, I’m sure you are already well-versed with the weave. You can achieve this flared pompadour-esque style by adding weaves to the back and crown of your head. Weave your hair into big braids and wrap them all over your head.

4. The Bride Curls Weave Style

The Bride Curls Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Your hair becomes fragile as you grow older. So, instead of using heat styling tools to achieve those flawless curls, opt for velcro rollers. You will have to keep them on for a while, but the results will be worth the effort. It will give you big, natural curls that look stunning.

5. The Big Bun Weave Style

The Big Bun Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

If classy is what you are looking for, look no further. Get a weave of straight hair all over your head. Leaving out your bangs, gather all your hair, and tie it in a high bun. Apply some mousse to the top and sides of your head and comb it down to give it that slick look. Don’t forget to spritz on some hairspray!

6. Boho Braid Weave Style

Boho Braid Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Boho braids look stunning, and adding a weave to your locks can really take them up a notch due to the added volume. Weave your hair in a messy fishtail braid and accessorize it with beads, flowers, or feathers to add to that boho vibe.

7. Greek Halo Weave Style

Greek Halo Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

This elaborate braided updo has been flooding my Insta-feed, and as a straight-haired girl, it is making me jealous. It looks like a hairdo designed by the gods. Out of this world! Clearly, it needs a lot of hair to achieve this look, so add in a weave, and you are good to go.

8. Kinky Locks Weave Style

Kinky Locks Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Embrace your naturally kinky curls by sporting an afro. But, if you feel like your afro can look better with some more volume and a pop of color, adding a weave to it is the way to go. There are a few ways you can get your kinky locks ready for an afro. Apply curl defining cream to your hair and tie it up in Bantu knots. Cover your head with a satin scarf or a thin cotton T-shirt and unravel the knots the next morning to reveal your perfect afro.

9. Full-On Fro Weave Style

Full On Fro Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Have you always been complimented for your hair but wished it was longer? Well, a weave can solve that problem for you instantly. Go for long, curly hair extensions for your weave to create this stunning long afro look. Don’t forget to apply some curl defining cream to it before you head out.

10. Wedding Braids Weave Style

Wedding Braids Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Weaves are normally used in most Black braided hairstyles, and they look pretty badass. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t look elegant as well. Go for this intricate braided wedding updo that is sure to floor everyone!

11. Boho Updo Weave Style

Boho Updo Weave Style
Image: Gettyimages

This boho updo gives the halo bun a whole new look. Perfect for wedding and other formal events, this weave style will definitely make heads turn. The detailing on the braid is the best thing about this hairdo. It is flawless and beautiful.

12. The Dutch Weave Style

The Dutch Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

This braided style would not look the same with thin hair. You need to get a weave to bulk it up. Attach the weaves and part your hair in as many sections as you want. Weave each section into Dutch braids until you reach the very ends of your hair.

13. Black Braids Weave Style

Black Braids Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Most, if not all, Black braided styles use weaves. Cornrows, tree-ins, Ghana braids, box braids – they all need weaves or hair extensions to look great. They make the braids look thicker and fuller. They also reduce the tension on your scalp caused by the tight braids.

14. The Side Sweep Weave Style

The Side Sweep Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Get a weave of straight hair all over your hair. You can achieve this look with rollers or a curling iron. Loosen out the curls and sweep them to one side just the way Beyonce did. This is a great style to sport to formal events and weddings.

15. Long Straight Locks Weave Style

Long Straight Locks Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Long straight hair looks so divine. But if your hair is not thick, it can end up looking stringy and dull. A weave can help you achieve that flawless straight-haired look. Every other woman will most certainly be envious of your hair!

16. Intricate Mohawk Weave Style

Intricate Mohawk Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

For hairstyles like this, most hairdressers will use a weave to achieve a fuller effect because it becomes easier to style. Go for this mohawk style if you are feeling particularly adventurous and want to go for a badass look.

17. Tree-In Braids Weave Style

Tree In Braids Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Tree-in braids are braids aligned with your scalp, followed by loose locks. They are a great blend of braided and loose hairstyles. They give your hair a naturally thick feel, which can be improved further by using natural weaves over synthetic ones.

18. Big Braid Weave Style

Big Braid Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

An intricate hairdo like this one needs a lot of hair. Otherwise, it will look shabby, and you definitely don’t want that. So, add in a weave and try out this look. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

19. Accessorized Weave Style

Accessorized Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, sticking to your regular hairstyle might be all you need. Take a page out of Janelle Monae’s lookbook. She has turned up the heat on her regular space buns by accessorizing them with strings of pearls.

20. Colored Unicorn Weave Style

Colored Unicorn Weave Style
Image: Shutterstock

The best thing about weaves is that you don’t need to color your natural locks. Simply get a colored weave or dye the extensions before weaving them into your hair. The unicorn hair trend is blowing up like never before. If you are looking for a little bit of edge for your hairstyle, this is it. It’s a total knockout!

If you’ve never tried a weave, there’s no time like the present. Pick one from this list and try it out. Which of these is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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