15 Wedding Invitation Cards Samples To Amaze Disbelievers

A wedding invite is always special. It is a request from the to-be-weds to all their dear ones to come, bless and be a part of one of the most important events in their lives. Invitations nowadays aren’t formal like they were a few years ago, with innovative designers and personalized content, you can have a wedding card that actually speaks your mind – “you’re special, important and I hope you’ll be a part of the biggest celebration of my life” is just one example how the invites have evolved.There are millions of wedding Invitation cards samples, but we have selected the best ones in market.

We’ve a list of 15 such personal and interesting wedding invitation cards samples for you.

1. The Letter Press

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -Letter press

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Letter Press is a classical form of relief printing that has been mastered over centuries. The English royals popularised this form with their official and personal letters to their subjects. This wedding invitation sample is from a letterpress invitation set, which includes the invite and a response card printed in deep blue or grey or any dark color of your choice on pearl white paper. Simple and elegant.

2. The Knot

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Knot

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A knotted card on sky blue paper with a contrasting eco-cardboard brown jacket and a tied up response card/tag. A unique design sample that’s subtle yet stylish.

3. The Whimsical Cat

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Whimsical Cat

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This is a sample of what is nowadays called the “whimsical” style in wedding invitations.A very colorfully and artistically done card with a Pharoah inspired design with the iconic Egyptian cat on the crest. A sure-shot sample of a quirky wedding invite.

4. Floral Calligraph

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -Floral Calligraph

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A floral design wedding invitation sample with elegantly done calligraphy in contrasting colors. The soothing theme uses deep dull colors and matte finish textures to make this invitation set a very elegant sample to consider.

5. The Cut

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Cut

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A rustic card with uniquely done engravings and cuts. Offbeat and recycled/naturally rustic in design with an engraved invites, a unique RSVP postcard and a pretty customised tag. A wedding invitation sample that’s different in design, treatment, texture and feel.

6. The Lace

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Lace

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A rustic card with a lace design on the cover. A heavy card that’s all about an elaborate lace theme and a contrastingly simple cursive text. Made with completely natural & recycled materials, this card is not just impressive but also eco-friendly for the ones who wish to make a green statement.

7. Monopoly

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -Monopoly

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Remember the numerous night-outs we’ve spent playing monopoly? The fights, the bonding and the amazing times this board game gave us are beautiful memories. Now you can relieve all those wonderful times with this one-of-a-kind monopoly themed wedding invite for the board game lovers. A kind of invitation sample that would put a smile on every invitees face.

8. Teal Blue Water Color

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -Teal Blue WaterColor

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A teal blue, faded watercolor invite with a cursive font and a knotted lace on top. A classy, simple and a very eye pleasing wedding invitation sample that can be your own DIY project. Can also be brought off the internet at www.etsy.com or its affiliates.

9. The Ski Lodge

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Ski Lodge

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Another hand painted theme with a beautifully visualised ski lodge scene for the background. A simple card that reminds us of an era when the postcard greetings used to look like this and were a collectible item for kids who used to get them every time somebody went on a holiday. Perfect for a hill-station wedding or an outdoor wedding in the mountains.

10. The Ivory & Blue Cut

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Ivory & Blue Cut

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A hand made wedding invite that can also double up as a DIY project, this ivory colored invite with cursive letterpress font and a dark blue jacket is elegant, catchy and easy to make. The cuts for the card are neat and can easily be replicated with a set of Kraft Art for Kids.

11. Three Roses

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -11

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An exquisite wedding invitation sample made with premium materials, virgin paperboard and fine white lace, this card has an elaborate lace and textured design with an underlying floral theme.The three roses on top enhance the appeal of this exquisite wedding invite.

12. Eco-friendly Marsala Floral

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -Eco-friendly Marsala Floral

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A simple white card with a floral marsala design. A very grungy Californian design theme that’s carried on to the text fonts as well. A design theme that can be an inspiration for a colorfully Californian wedding decor too! This wedding invitation sample is simple but definitely not regular.

13. The Set

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Set

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An elaborate wedding invite set with many innovatively designed cards in a elaborate peach and deep maroon theme. Unique, outstanding and extensive in every sense. The attention to detail would surely please your invitees and is a precursor of how the wedding is being planned.

14. The Desi

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Desi

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A unique set of invites with a very Indian theme – with marigolds, elephants, traditional borders and colors. A superb sample of how colorful, vibrant and beautiful an Indian wedding actually is. The colorfully done detailing work is sure to add a desi touch to the invite.

15. The Shaadi

Wedding Invitation Cards Samples -The Shaadi

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The Desi Shaadi Invite. Cartooned look-alike caricatures of the bride and groom make this invite a very cool sample of a pakka-desi wedding card. The caricatures add a personal touch to the card and give a very humourous vibe to the whole theme making it a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation sample.