12 Stylish Sherwanis For The Groom That Leave A Lasting Impression

A custom and tradition of the ancient aristocracy of India, the practise of wearing the stunningly gorgeous dress known as the sherwani comes with its own intrinsic sense of style. Brought to prominence in the Indian Subcontinent by the whims and wiles of the Mughals, it was eagerly absorbed into the customs and traditions of princely Indian nations and has since been assimilated to such a degree that sherwanis are now thought to be part of the higher tiers of traditional Indian attire. Evocative of regency and nobility, these fabulous garments can be worn over a kurta and churidar, traditionally with khara pajamas or salwar pants and are usually coupled with fabulous dupattas or stunning stoles. The whole outfit is completed with complementing choices in jootis or footwear and a suitable pagdi or turban. Thee sherwani for groom is made with heavy fabric.They hold copious amounts of finery and embroidery, and they all have linings.The sherwani for groom is something all men look out for.

Popular Types of Sherwani

1. Bandhgala Style

Sherwani For Groom - Bandhgala Style

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This traditional style and form of the sherwani looks ageless and classic. Many, in fact, consider this to be the signature style of sherwanis. The closed, round collar and the pattern go with almost every body type and personality. You can always complement the look of your partner’s outfit by matching the colours with yoursherwani or even just your stole. You can use jootis or mojaris in contrasting colours to add more flair to your overall look. You can additionally utilise a haar or neckpiece, as they will go very well with this style. Some choose elaborate layered setups of as many as three to five strings of pearls while others go for beautiful pendants that are adorned with semi-precious stones. You can always go for a necklace made of colourful beads if you don’t want that much weight on your throat. A few people, who have the fortune of having heirlooms, can go for wearing vintage pendants that will dazzle all with their antiquity.

Sherwani For Groom - Neil Nitin Mukesh In A Bandhgala Style Sherwani

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2. Jacket Style

Sherwani For Groom - Jacket Style

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An instance of the evolution of the traditional sherwani, this form with the addition of a long jacket is becoming increasingly popular amongst grooms these days. The execution of the jacket can happen in many ways, some choosing to go with a blazer-like feel, and some going for a Nehru jacket pattern.

Sherwani For Groom - Jacket Style

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There are off course degrees of variance in between. The only thing about this makeover to the form is that it is hard to pull off a heavy stole with this kind of style. Usually, jacket style sherwanis are filled with a profusion of intricate detailing and embroidery. Consequently, the addition of a stole or dupatta might overshadow some of the brilliant patterns. You can however add to it with a pocket square. You can have them either in supplementary or contrasting shades to the rest of your attire, rest assured they will add that extra bit of class to your overall look.

Sherwani For Groom - A Long Jacket

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3. Embroidered

If you have a natural tendency to opulence and have the budget to back up your extravagance, then look no further than a embroidered sherwani. The perfect choice of garment for those who love to wear intricate and detailed work, heavily embroidered sherwanis look jaw-droppingly handsome. You can have bits of everything from beadwork, to resham, zardozi and zari work and even sequins on your outfit. Some choose to have the completely elaborate setup where the embroidery extends grandly over the whole of the sherwani’s surface, while some opt for more subtlety by confining the embroidery to the sleeves and the collar. The best way to offset such lovely work in the best way is to couple it with a simple churidar that will balance the overall visual impact. A superb way to add just a little bit of extra oomph to this look is to complement the sherwani with some suitable cuff links and a tastefully chosen watch.

Sherwani For Groom - The Extravagantly Embroidered Sherwani

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4. Angarakha Style

Sherwani For Groom - Angarakha Style

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The culmination of the regal regency of the Mughals, this majestic style of sherwani is truly a fit for royalty. Harkening back to the pomp and grandeur of a Nawab’s court, this extensively detailed and essentially rich design involves patterns where the angarakha motif is immaculately tailored all along the length. Usually coupled with dhotis or looser, hanging pants, these sherwanis will instantly capture and retain attention. You can always add to the existing pizzazz of your outfit by embroidering all or some of the edges of the patterning. You will look like India’s answer to Adonis. Another thing you could do is to add a kalgi or a sarpech to enhance your pagdi or turban. A bejewelled wonder, this brooch is meant to be exclusively worn on turbans. Add a peacock feather to the mix, and truly emulate divinity.

Sherwani For Groom - The Heavily Embroidered Angarakha Style

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Now that you are slightly more aware of your options, let’s get right into some brilliant examples for absolutely gorgeous sherwanis for grooms. Please browse through our carefully compiled list and arrive at the end with inspiration for your own. Scroll on to check out the 12 stylish sherwani for groom!


Sherwani For Groom - Manyavar's Angarakha Style Sherwani

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From the stables at Manyavar, this ornately royal designer sherwani is one of the best examples that is representative of the angarakha style. The fawn coloured sherwani comes with a complementing pair of churidar, and can be finished brilliantly with a matching dupatta and a suitably regal pagdi and it would look fantastic with an ornate and detailed kamarbandh, or cummerbund for those of you not versed in their etymology. With velvet buttons on the front and a single butta on the back, this is the look of a maharaja. Though, with a price tag of close to forty thousand rupees, only royalty can easily purchase this masterful ensemble.


Sherwani For Groom - A Velvet Black Bandhgala Style Sherwani

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This velvet black sherwani is an example of the bandhgala style. Available with matching jootis or mojari, this stunner comes with a tag of approximately twenty eight thousand rupees. Almost voguish, the black surface is adorned with beautifully done resham embroidery that brings the large paisley designs to life. This sherwani comes as a package with the cream coloured churidar and would go best with a matching stole.


Sherwani For Groom - A Peacock Blue Embroidered Sherwani

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This beautiful example of an embroidered sherwani is resplendent in its peacock blue shot tones and hues. Featuring beautiful brocaded stone work that has beads and cutbeads work, this sherwani comes with a light beige churidar made of cotton silk. You can add to the dashing effect by complementing the sherwani with appropriately matched mojari and a nice dupatta. It is available at a relatively reasonable price of Rs 13,800.


Sherwani For Groom - A Navy Blue Sherwani

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Made out of jute fabric, this indo-western combination will give you a truly influential look. The sherwani has an attractive pocket flap replete with golden piping and even more decorative buttons. The collar is observably high neck and the cuffs are adorned with multiple kundan designs that are embroidered using beads, resham and zariwork. This dynamic sherwani will give you a truly regal look, especially if paired with matching jootis and a stole along with a golden coloured salwar, and will make for a most excellent engagement dress for the groom as well. This majestic outfit is yours for as little as Rs 15,000.


Sherwani For Groom - Manyavar Jacket Style Sherwani

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This biscuit coloured sherwani is a good example of the jacket style. Perfectly adorned with some gorgeous sequin work, it also features some extensive embroidery and amazing thread work, especially around the collar and the cuffs, with the pattern work on the sleeves and the body only completing the look. The sherwani comes with akurta, the sherwani jacket, an exclusive broach and a designer dupatta. The whole package can be yours for approximately Rs 30,000.


Sherwani For Groom - A Deep Red Sherwani

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This deep maroon sherwani with brocade work comes with a fawn coloured silk churidar. It features some superb craftsmanship in the form of the embroidered stone work that shows resham, bead and cutbead work. Add a matching set of mojari and a complementing dupatta, preferably something in off white or cream, to finish the handsome picture. This superb sherwani can be yours for less than Rs 10,000.


Sherwani For Groom - A Grey Sherwani

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This irresistibly attractive grey sherwani is muted in its subtle appeal. The indo-western style sherwani comes with a flap pocket and a noticeably high neck collar. The sleeves are free of adornment and lead down to the cuffs that are highlighted with bead and resham stone work. As with this model, you can add a pocket square to the ensemble to give it that little extra bit of dazzle. This elegantly simple combination can be yours for the princely sum of approximately Rs 12,000.


Sherwani For Groom - The Gold Regal Sherwani

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This more conventional and yet inherently regal sherwani is fawn coloured and comes with a matching pair of churidars, an elegantly royal brooch and a spectacular bajubandh. It features some beautifully crafted sequin work, with arrangements going down the length of the fabric. The elaborate thread work coupled with the exquisite embroidery and other sequined work that runs down the sleeves and pools at the cuffs make for a superbly painted picture. This beautiful sherwani can be yours for Rs 16,999.


Sherwani For Groom - A Jacquard Art Silk Royal Blue Sherwani

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Made from Jacquard art silk, this royal blue sherwani is an embroidered wonder. Featuring beautifully embossed stonework, it is replete with zari and bead work. The molded buttons only add to the charm of the garment. The accompanying churidar is beige coloured and is also finished in art silk.


Sherwani For Groom - A Golden Beige Sherwani With Chudidar

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If you really want to stand apart from the rest of the teeming masses, then this almost miraculously gorgeous sherwani is the way to go. Finished in a stunning golden beige colour, with a red coloured churidar, the whole beautiful ensemble is made from raw silk. The unique finishing texture of the raw silk is garlanded with some elaborate embroidery work that features zari and cutdana work in the myriad kundan designs down the front and along the neckline. The scattered profusion of buttis also seems to give the sherwani its own blooming effect. This gorgeous sherwani can be yours for the mere sum of Rs 5,000.


Sherwani For Groom - A Regal Sherwani With A Cummerbund

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This regal sherwani is bespoke with the grandeur and authority of royalty. Simply arresting in terms of attention, this biscuit coloured sherwani features some fo the most amazing and innovative embroidery work in the market. With elaborate stretches of keri designs, lovingly detailed with sequins and resham stone work all over the surface of the fabric, this sherwani embodies the wedding groom look. When coupled with a matching set of jootis and a startlingly red stole, you can pull off an ultimate combo if you add a simple kamarbandh and a stunning pagdi. This gorgeous sherwani can belong to you for Rs 7,999.

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Sherwani For Groom - A Golden Beige Sherwani With An Ascot

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Look like the Prince of your dreams, or like the prince you are in your dreams, whichever one works. This high couture designer sherwani is finished in a superlative golden beige is made from heavy jamawar fabric that holds the stunning embroidery work in place. It come with a matching churidar, a classy scarf and a vintage brooch that completes the regal picture. All the design motifs are richly rendered and a range of designs are featured, from angarakha patters to kundan designs and are elaborately embossed using zari, cutdana work. It also features red piping and beaded tassels. This princely ensemble will only set you back by around Rs 25,690.