11 Love Stories In 11 Tweets #TwitterLoveStory

Love is omnipresent, love is all consuming and in this case proves that all you need is 140 characters or less to tell the whole story. Here are 11 beautifully written tweets that talk so much about love in so less. Read, share and enjoy them together. #TwitterLoveStory

  1. All Alone, In Love

2. Love Thy Self? Nope, He’s There By Her Side

3. Awww..Ouch

4. In The Ruins

5. Can’t Agree More

6. Titanic

7. So We Are in Jurassic Park Eh?

8. Corn Flakes & The Tweet That Started It All

9. Shit Happens

10. Movie Marathons Work

11. Wow, So That Makes You A Baby Bookworm?

So now go share you’re #twitterlovestory, because some hashtags never get boring.