50 Veil Bridal Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

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Everyone wants to look their best on the wedding day. So much goes into deciding the trousseau which includes the hairdo. We list out 50 hairstyles which you can try out for the D day. The styles are enlisted keeping in mind the veil which is an important part of the trousseau.

1. Tousled Braided Bun:

The braided bun consists of braids weaved intricately into a bun with tousled front bangs contouring the face. The style is done in a messy fashion but is elegant and classy.

2. Medium Base Bun:

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The bun is chic as it sits at the medium base. The bun is made in the donut style and is dressed neatly with small flyways.

3. Ombre Big Bun:

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The hairdo consists of the hair gathered into a big high bun. The style is done neatly without any flyways. The hairdo is perfect for the veil to rest on.

4. Side Part Bun:

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This retro flair has a vintage essence and looks extremely chic. The style with rich smooth texture exudes old Hollywood elegance.

5. Tousled Draped Bun:

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The tousled draped bun is done by twisting the hair and then tying it into a bun. The hairdo seems to have a dry and ruffled texture.

6. Brunette Bun:

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The brunette bun is tied in all elegance and dyed in ombre hues. The tiny hair dangling out adds to the character of the hairdo.

7. Neat & Sleek:

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The bun is tied neat and sleek into a high bun. The style exudes confidence and sophisticated poise.

8. Tiara Chignon:

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The chignon done on the side is stylish and gets an elegant feel with the Tiara. Wear the tiara, the veil with this chignon hairdo and you want go wrong.

9. Bun Turned Up:

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The bun is done by turning it up and securing it with a rubber band. The bun is tied low and is dressed in slight flyways.

10. Loose Side Chignon:

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The zigzag part with a side loose chignon dyed in ombre hues is stylish and elegant. The front is contoured by layered bangs softening the face details.

11. Messy Bun:

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The donut bun exudes a casual and carefree vibe. The golden brown hued bun is stylish and done with messy elegance.

12. Braided Bun:

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The braid is done from the front all the way to the bun. The bun is done with a braided mane which evolves into a braided bun. The style is different but graceful to wear.

13. Light Brown Bun:

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The ombre bun is tied at a higher note; the bun is sophisticated and classy and gives a younger feel due to the volume of the hairdo.

14. Flattened Out:

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This bun is done with a side part and has a flat essence to it. The bun is tied at a lower base, the side part provides for the unique character the hairdo has.

15. Golden Poof:

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The sleek and slender poof is tied high up. The hairdo is done tightly with a smooth finesse. The style is elegant and classy.

16. Twin Roll:

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The bun is done with a twin roll and provides for the copious detail of the hairdo. The style is elegant and different.

17. Braided Jade:

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The braids are done in three directions and then merged into the braided bun. The bun possesses a smooth and classy finesse!

18. Braided Side Chignon:

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The braided chignon with a full fringe at the front provides a tender and soft appeal to the hairdo and the persona. The style is elegant and chic.

19. Platinum Bun:

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The platinum low bun exudes grace and is neatly done. The style is simple but looks pleasantly attractive.

20. Thick Side Chignon:

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The side chignon with the front bangs contouring the face exudes elegance and has a sensual appeal. The thick bangs give copious detail to the hairdo.

21. Loose Messy Poof:

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The small messy bun is loosely done and provides a laid back informal vibe.

22. Messy Golden Bun:

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The messy bun is chic and elegant. The style features loose curly front bangs which enhance the hairdo elegantly.

23. Braided V Bun:

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The braided bun is done by side braiding on both sides. Then merging the two side braids into a bun which gives a V shape. The bun end is slightly messy and is secured by a rubber band.

24. The Twist Bun:

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The twist is one on both sides to give a puffy feel to the hairdo. The bun is elegant and sophisticated with a subtly loose chignon.

25. Bouffant Bun:

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The big bun is rolled in and has a slight bouffant which gives a voluminous detail to the hairdo. The style has a dry tousled texture but an attractive appeal.

26.  Twist Secured:

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The twisted bun is secured with U pins. The style is elegant and graceful.

27. Edgy Chignon:

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The edgy chignon is styled with elegance and beauty. The bun is tied neatly with the lace which gives a pretty detail to the bun.

28. Chignon Waved Under:

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The chignon seems to be tucked under the wavy tresses. The style is done with messy essence but the chignon has a coiled symmetry which gives an edgy detail to the hairdo.

29. French Bun:

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The French bun is stylish and elegant. The hairdo exudes elegance and poise. Wear it for the d day to be the show stopper.

30. The Medium Waves:

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The medium wavy hairdo is chic and full of elegance. The style can be decorated with flowers or pearls to get that jeweled effect.

31. Sleek Hairdo:

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The sleek hairdo is elegant and simple to wear. If you have naturally curly hair its best to straighten them out and then get them fine layers.

32. Curly Bells:

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The curls here fall elegantly like bells. The hairdo is simple to wear and the curls arrange themselves in sync with each other. The smooth texture juts enhances the style.

33. Golden Sleek:

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The hairdo is full of precision with sleek layers cut to edgy finesse. The style exudes sophistication and fresh fervor.

34. Edgy Half Up:

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The half up style is done with a curly essence. The style provides an edgy and sensual vibe. The style is done with a side part. The hairdo is chic.

35. Bouffant Half Up:

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The half up bouffant is chic and elegant. The style is perfect for a veil wedding. It’s easy to wear and maintain.

36. Tousled Bob:

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The tousled curly bob has a neat and edgy texture. The hairdo can be embellished with flowers and pearls.

37. Golden Medium Curls:

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The medium curls are in golden hue which provide for the windy and sparkling effect which the hairdo possess.

38. Spiral Curled:

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The spiral curls hairdo is embellished with flowers and makes for a perky veil wedding hairdo. The style has a smooth and fine texture.

39. Vintage Volume:

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This abundantly heavy bun is characterized by the vintage flair. The flattened curl marks the big bun and provides an interesting detail to the hairdo.

40. Platinum Wavy Thick Hairdo:

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The hairdo consists of dual effects with the top sleek and the edges curled in a particular rhythm.

41. Long & Messy:

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The light brown subtly messy hair has a windy wavy texture. The hairdo is perfect for a beach wedding.

42. Long Side Ponytail:

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The hairdo consists of the long ponytail done on a low base and flaunted on the side exudes perfect elegance and class.

43. Short Half Up Ponytail:

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The style seems to be a blend of two styles. The half up and the ponytail are done together with a messy essence.

44. Cute Curls:

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The top is sleek with the curly ponytail peeping from one side. The ponytail can be embellished with flowers and pearls.

45. Braid the Tail:

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Braid one side at the front and merge it with the side ponytail. The hairdo gets the edgy detail with this quirky blend.

46. Bangs & Tail:

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The ponytail hairdo is marked by edgy long bangs on the front. The style is chic and elegant.

47. Dual Toned:

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The dual toned hairdo presents volume and detail which just enhances the style. The braid merged into a ponytail provides a cheerful and happy vibe.

48. Slender Bouffant:

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The sleek ponytail features a subtle bouffant at the crown which just enhances the style and makes the hairdo chic.

49. Tousled & Sleek:

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This chestnut brown ponytail is in medium length and is extremely pretty with its tousled top and sleek tail.

50. Puffy Ponytail:

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This black ponytail features a small puff at the top which makes the hairdo elegant and stylish. The style is pretty and sophisticated.

We have listed out 50 best variations. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us by commenting below. We value reader feedback.

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