10 Thick Layered Hairstyles You Should Definitely Consider

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Layered thick hairstyles look good on both long and short hair. However, before going for any specific type of hairstyle, know what suits your hair and your face the most. Their and many different ways to add layers to ones hair style. But not all of them suit all the face types. It is best to spend some time researching on what would suit you the best. Just to give you a hand with what are the different ways you can play with think layered haircuts, we have come up with this compilation.

Below mentioned are 10 beautiful thick layered hairstyles that you can consider for your next hairstyle

1. Messy long layered hairstyle- a sure smash on hit for any party or an event. The light and messy curls do a wonderful job of adding some flirtation and glamour to your look,

2. Thick layered hairstyle with front short bangs- bangs with curled up tips add an extravagant touch. This style cases you face and also allows for you to hide a huge fore head too.

Thick Layered Hairstyle 2
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3. Side swept bangs with thick layering-A simple and easy to maintain look which makes it a good choice among layered hairstyles for thick coarse hair.

Thick Layered Hairstyle 3
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4. Curly thick layers-Like big curls- Try a normal thick layered hairstyle and curl up with a big curling iron. This is an amazing hairstyle to sport if you have a party or a date night coming up.

Thick Layered Hairstyle 4
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5. Thick layered Choppy Bob- if you are a layer and Bob addict, get front symmetrical bangs to give it a unique look.If you are aiming to make your face looker smaller and more proportional on the whole then this is just what your need!

Thick Layered Hairstyle 5
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6. Messy thick layers-Sometimes, it’s nice to try a little messed up look. Why not? We can’t always be all pulled together. So why not style it messy and have some fun with it.

Thick Layered Hairstyle 6
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7. Messy wavy thick layered bob- short cropped hairstyles curl up the layers and then loosen them with finger tips for a messy wavy appearance. This styles takes some time as you will need curl it in and then loosed the curls out. But it is definitely worth the effort.

8. Clean curled layered hairstyle- Curls and some bangs can add a touch of extra glam to it. If you want to look glamours and innocent at the same time then this is the look you should go for.

Thick Layered Hairstyle 8
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9. Thick layered inward Bob-Like bob cuts? Try this inward rolled layered thick bob haircut. You don’t have to always curl your hairs outwars. Even Curling them inwards gives it an equally dashing look….

Thick Layered Hairstyle 9
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10. Choppy thick layered hairstyle with side swept bang-This is a cool, very funky and one of the most loved bob hairstyles. Add this look to the very top of the bold series! This style definitely brings out the more daring side of you.

Thick Layered Hairstyle 10
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