10 Pictures That Will Convince You To Opt For A Colour Coded Wedding

Most weddings have the bride and groom in traditional reds, whites, beiges and ivories; colours that are considered in tone with the sombre mood of the traditional. But weddings aren’t supposed to be somber and dull. Your wedding is a celebration of a promise, for an eternity. You’ve finally found your most important person. It’s only natural that you’d want to go over the top on your big day.

And the best part about that is that you can take everyone with you on this extravaganza. As the bride or groom, you can play a pivotal role in deciding what the feel of your wedding will be like. You get to decide the theme, what everyone wears and you can shape any aspect your wedding to match your wants.

In the spirit of this newfound freedom, go ahead and shake it up, and make new traditions, with your wedding wear colour options.

1. The Bride And Groom

The Bride And Groom in coded wedding

Who say’s the bride can’t wear apple green? Or that her groom can’t match her with aquamarine? You can talk to your husband-to-be way before the wedding. So go ahead call him up, set up a date and make that plan. Whatever you do, swear that you won’t play safe.  And it doesn’t have to be just about colours. You can go for opposing motif patterns in all colours; like Persian versus floral, or the like.

Try colour blocking if you’re up for it, but be careful. Colour blocking can be beautiful, or way off the mark. You’ll need your trusted chaddi buddies if you’re going for quirky-cool or something totally with trendsetting potential. Using a colour wheel is a good option, but if you’re getting married, then you’re probably pretty okay with picking colour schemes.

2. Codes For Friends And Family

coded-wedding guest

We’re moving into unchartered territory now. But our foray into the land of colours doesn’t have to resemble that of a bull trapezing around in a china shop. You obviously can’t go with a specific shade and expect everybody to turn up in uniform, but give them a spectrum to work with. Let the wearer choose which shade or form they want. The trend of ‘mismatched bridesmaids’ utilizes the same idea.  There is a science to it, the science of asymmetry. It involves letting them choose their own clothes after checking with each other, so that no two are the same. An example would be having the bride’s side in shades of pink, peaches,blushes and reds, while the groom’s side in blues and greens. You will have to wear something matching your side, so if your ‘team’ is going in yellows, beiges, creams and gold, you’ll have to wear something in that spectrum. It is best if you tell them what you’re planning on wearing.  You can use specific patterns here, just like with your own bride and groom code, with the theory of asymmetry. Oh and don’t forget the shoes!

3. Colour Schemes

Green color coded-wedding

Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

Generally your parents choose the colour scheme, or the wedding planner. But you can always sit down together with your wedding planner and talk about your preferences. it doesn’t have to be specific. You could colour block majority of the interiors/exteriors, with a few colours of your choice. Or you can go hard core, and have an all blue or an all gold wedding. I don’t recommend going with just one colour, unless its two three shades of the same colour. If you plan your wedding ceremonies right, you’ll leave your guests with memories of your wedding seared into their memories.

Schematically colour or design specific coded weddings are a radically groundbreaking way to stand out and make a statement. But if you need some more inspiration, check out these amazing color coded weddings below.

1. Brilliant Blue Colour Palette

bride and groom for theme wedding

Image : Shutterstock


2. Vibrant Purple-Fuschia Colour Palette

color coded wedding

Image Courtesy : Velvet Ferns


3. Perky Pinks Colour Palette


4. Magnificent Blue Colour Palette


5. Glamorous Gold N’ White Colour Palette

golden coded wedding

Image : Shutterstock


6. Maggi Colour Palette


7. Lovely Lavender Colour Palette

purple color theme wedding

Image: Shutterstock

8. Classy Ivory Colour Palette

9. Bright Gold Yellow Colour Palette

yellow wedding theme decoration

Image : Shutterstock

10. Scintillating Cyan-Rani Combo Colour Palette

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