10 Latest Winter Hairstyles That You Can Flaunt

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The chill is trying to get the better of us. But it surely cannot deter us from trying out new looks and experimenting with our hairstyle! This winter, some cool trends are “in” which you can try out to enhance your appearance and look chic and stylish.

Winter hairstyles are largely about different kinds of alluring feminine cuts – waves, angles, layers, edges, bangs, fringes and bobs.

The below mentioned winter hairstyles are ruling the fashion world and are here to stay:

10 Latest Winter Hairstyles

1. Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles With Bangs
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Whether it is short bangs, side-swept bangs, framing bangs, blunt bangs, flirty medium bangs or asymmetrical bangs,the bang hairstyles can get you all the attention you want. You will look smoking hot this winter!

2. Wavy Hairstyle:

Wavy Hairstyle
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The wavy hairstyle is a winner this season. The shiny curls and soft tossing waves beautifully flatter the facial features while the top section of the hair is pulled back and secured with pins at the nape of the neck.

3. The Updo Hairstyle:

The Updo Hairstyle
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2012 has been the year of the celebrity updo. Updo hairstyles are not only fail-safe options for formal occasions but they also look elegant, classic, stylish and glamorous. This can definitely be called one of the most popular of the latest winter hairstyles.

4. Poker Straight Hairstyle:

Poker Straight Hairstyle
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Poker straight ironed hair never goes out of fashion. Those with longer hair can attempt this stunning hairstyle with professional hair straighteners. However, one needs to have healthy and shiny hair to carry off this hairstyle with panache.

5. Sleek Side-Swept Hairstyle:

Sleek Side-Swept Hairstyle
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This totally feminine hairstyle looks ultra glamorous on all types of hair and suits almost women of all ages. The side-swept look of the winter haircuts is ruling the roost!

6. Beehive Hairstyle:

Beehive Hairstyle
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This is the perfect hairstyle for party out. It comes under the category of half-up hairstyles where the top sections of the hair are pulled around to the crown and secured with bobby pins or clips at the back of the head. The top is teased up and out with some portion of the front section being left loose to impart a softened look to the face.

7. Short Bob With Fringe:

Short Bob With Fringe
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The traditional bob hairstyle can be personalized and imparted with a modern look by adding lighter touches of color to the fringes and the ends.

8. Long Bob With Fringe:

Long Bob With Fringe
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Hairstyle with longer hair at the front and shorter at the back is one of the hottest trends this winter. These lengthy fringes coupled with graduated ends look classic.

9. Long Straight High Ponytail Hairstyle:

Long Straight High Ponytail Hairstyle
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The traditional pony tail has acquired its updated version in the form of the long straight high ponytail hairstyle. This is perfect for poker straight hair secured firmly at the back with an elastic band.

10. Cropped Copper Hairstyle:

Cropped Copper Hairstyle
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Being experimental and bold with your hairstyle this winter can greatly augment your looks. This style is achieved simply by the addition of some luminous red or copper highlights to the hair. The cropped copper hairstyle is “in” this season!

So these are the most happening styles for the season!

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