11 Best Tamil Wedding Songs List If You Like To Move it!

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There is nothing more amazing than the preparation for a Tamil wedding! Much like the rest of India, weddings are the epitome of celebrations in the South, and unmatchable in terms of spirit. There are a lot of pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals, all of which involve a great deal of activities which are of course, accompanied by Tamil wedding songs! Songs have been a very important part of weddings across cultures in India. Our inclination towards music in all our celebrations and festivities, the very crux of Bollywood, can only be attributed to the origins of the different kinds of music in India that are now able to cast their influence globally, thanks to the Internet. Want an example? The Kolaveri effect. Who knew that song was gonna go crazy viral and burn the internet?! Anyway, whatever be the best and also the latest, music is an integral part of all weddings, especially a Tamil wedding.

Don’t you want to drop the Tamil beat and groove to some originals at the wedding celebration (where some kids will try to hit on each other. Very normal. Don’t panic.)? Here is a list of 11 amazing and chart-busting Tamil wedding songs that will make even the laziest to stand on their feet and break a leg!

1. Selfie Pulla – Kathithi  ( 2015 )


Selfie Pulla from the 2015 blockbuster Kathithi starring layathalapathy Vijay is a must-have on every Tamil wedding list. The song has garnered more than 8 million views on Youtube and has become a sensation of sorts. It was sung by the hero Vijay himself along with singer Sunidhi Chauhan.

Infact this song has gone viral in Romania too. If you are scratching your head – the answer lies in the word “pulla” which in Romania is a slang for “willy”. Yes you heard that right. Much to the amusement of the whole country the song literally translates to “Let’s take a p***s selfie”.

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2 . Ottagathai Kattikko – Gentleman (1993)


Let’s start with the classics. This lovely song from the 1993 classic Tamil movie Gentleman starring Arjun and Madhoo Shah, is one of the earliest forms that the mahila sangeet in the North was depicted in South Indian movies. The change of beats in between is a twist in the song, a signature left by A.R. Rahman in many of his works. A catchy rhythm from the thavil and a tune one cannot forget, the song “Ottagathai Kattikko” is a medium-paced groovy track that anyone could tap their feet to!

3. Varahe Nadikarayoram – Sangamam (1999)

Sung by Shankar Mahadevan, the party dude, this song is an unstoppable one! Sangamam was a comeback movie for Rehman, who was co-starred by Vindhya, which unfortunately didn’t do too well in the box office but the songs were a hit in no time. The song “Varahe Nadikarayoram” is a beautifully catchy song, not only owing to Shankar’s unique rendition but the Qawwali genre that is brought forward by the rhythm from the tabla andgunghroo. It is a song where the man is serenading a woman, where he falls in love with her at first sight when “walking by the riverbank”—the title of the song. It gives the same rejoicing feeling as Kajra Re, or Saiyaan Re or something similar to that— a song for a Tamil wedding with just the perfect beats to break the dance floor!

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4. Yaro Yarodi – Alaipayuthey (2000)

This is one of the most classic songs for a Tamil wedding bash! We all remember the movie for its amazing music including songs like Endendrum Punnagai, Kaadhal Sadugudu and every single track that came in the movie. One of the most successful ventures by Mani Ratnam in collaboration with A.R. Rahman for music, Alaipayuthey was an instant success with the populace and the songs were topping the charts for long because we just couldn’t get enough of it! The song asks questions like why there are three knots tied on the thaali maala or the mangal sutra, with interesting responses within the song. Everyone remembers how the movie was remade in Hindi with Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukherjee as Saathiya. The song “Yaro Yarodi” captures the essential spirit of the Tamil wedding— songs, dances and merriment!

5. Athan Varuvaga – Dumm Dumm Dumm (2001)

Athan Varuvaga” is one of the unforgettable tracks – subsequently one of the unforgettable Tamil wedding songs – from the Maestro Ilayaraja’s son Karthik Raja, who is more than just the son of a renowned musician, making his own mark in the Tamil film industry. Dumm Dumm Dumm, standing for the marriage music from the tavil that features in every Tamil wedding, was a classic family hit because of the famous heroine Jyotika and India’s romantic hero, the heart-throb, Madhavan. Other hit songs that came from the movie were the famous tracks like Desingu Raja and Athiri Pathiri. The song “Athan Varuvaga” speaks of the festivities of the night to a coy bride, but the beats will make her otherwise!

6. Kummi Adi – Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (2006)

If this song cannot move you, well, you have lost hope. This amazing fast-paced folk style song is bound to get you on your feet and grooving to the rhythm! From Surya’s hit blockbuster Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, this song is a wedding song set in a village scenario. The beats go faster and faster by the end of the track and culminates at such point where your spirit has hit a crescendo. This song has everything you need to complete your wedding bash with a bang!

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7. Vasanthamullai – Pokkiri (2007)

If you follow Tamil songs, you know a Vijay song is bound to make you tap your feet. From Vijay and Asin’s Tamil hit movie Pokkiri, this is a slow-paced fun song with lot of space for melodrama! The twist in the track, apart from the funny lyrics, is the tribute paid to the old song by the same title sung by the one and only T.M. Soundararajan— a golden track from the super hit Tamil movie of the yesteryear Sarangathara starring the legend and late star Shivaji Ganeshan. “Vasanthamullai” is undoubtedly a song that can be equally enjoyed by young and old, bride and groom, and everyone and anyone with music in their hearts!
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