Engagement Invitation Wording: Top 10 Beautiful Invitation Ideas

Engagement Invitation Wording: Beautiful Ideas To Thrill Your Guests.After deciding on a simple or an extravagant engagement invitation card, when we sit down to ponder over finding the perfect engagement invitation wording to embellish those beautiful engagement invitations, we just get lost in a surreal world. We debate whether to make it sound like a beautiful song or keep it simple and crisp. We wish to choose the perfect quotes and statements to express our joys and happiness to our friends in the invitation. We attempt to craft something so beautiful that your friends would go awww. And we have just made this task for you a lot easier. Celebrate the exciting news of your engagement with your friends by using one of the following engagement invitation wording ideas that we have listed below:


engagement invitation wording for friends 6

The couple will mark just another day as one of their most important days of their lives. Love struck them in mysterious ways, and now that they have decided to cement this love they request you to come and celebrate it with them on their engagement day.

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2. Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 2

As true as this engagement invitation wording reads, love is not only felt within the hearts. It can be seen when two love birds get engaged and tie the knot. This invitation invites the friends to witness a grand moment in the couple’s lives.

3. Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 3


All the couples who like to make their invitations look fun and quirky, unlike most of the invitations, they will absolutely love this. Colourful, bold fonts on a dark background with a crisp and simple note, this engagement invitation wording is trendy, contemporary, and exciting.

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Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 4

Engagement invitation wording that is very subtly put together. This invitation depicts the blossoming of new flowers and happiness in the soon to-be-bride’s life, inviting the friends with humble words, requesting them to come share this moment of happiness with her.

Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 5

How romantic. Like a beautiful love song sung to the couples, this invite will sing to your friends; requesting them to save the date and be there at the engagement party to celebrate with the couple.

Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 6

Perfect invitation that can be sent out to all friends and family. It’s simple, melodious and just strums the chords in all our hearts. Can be paired with a beautiful photo of the couple that can be a precursor to the engagement photos to be taken later

7. Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 7

All couples talk about love and happiness. But in true sense, it’s a journey the couples embark on together. And this invitation speaks of that journey the couples wish to embark on… and request friends to come and bless them for a happy and safe journey.

8. Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 8

When we think of love, everything around us looks mesmerising and beautiful. And seasons. They had never looked more beautiful before. If you are getting engaged in Spring or Winter, let your invitation stir seasonal happiness. Speak of the flowers and the melodies love makes you hear.

9. Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 9

How beautifully the truth about falling in love is summed up in four lines. Two lives, two beating hearts, unite as one to stay forever in love. Nothing so pure can be as easily expressed as it has been here, only to share with friends and to let them know that it’s time for the couple to embark the same path till they reach the horizon together.

10. Engagement Invitation Wording For Friends 10

A very good example for the couples who are celebrating their engagement on the beach — sand in between toes, wind in hair, waves dancing to celebrate, with the beautiful sunshine smiling upon them.